scott woodward meyers, abstract painting and photography

My current works of abstract photography and minimal painting focus on elements of our society in urban spaces and natural environments. The images may be seen as documentation of a momentary state, but also as artifacts with a past - forgotten, lost or discarded. Edited to diptychs, triptychs or series, they take on a new layer of meaning, a narrative of associations unique to the viewer.

The tightly framed views, between realism and abstraction, are mementos of memories and existences often passed by in the pursuit of new objects and experiences. The lost value of these fragments of existence echoes relationships to people, resources and processes.

These photographic compositions are influenced by both realism, abstraction and post-minimalism. The rhythm and ductus of the image and textural combinations are inspired by concrete reduction, modern poetry, prose fragments and personal observations from nature and urban landscapes. Like visual haiku, and with their painterly beauty, they record the world around us and remind us of the balance of life, and our place in a larger context, as actors on an ever-changing stage.

Los Angeles, 2020